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Control multiple GoPro cameras at once

The origin story

For my MotoVlogs I usually use three cameras. My main camera on the helmet, a facecam on the handlebars and a camera that is directed to the rear. And the cameras of choice for me are GoPro cameras. So controlling all the cameras always requires some effort. In Motovlogger circles, synchronized clapping or honking is a very (un)popular discipline. Remote controls that can control multiple cameras at the same time can help. In the past, GoPro has offered small remote controls that realize this control via a W-LAN connection. For me, these remotes have never really worked reliably, and I have never understood why you have to make the control over W-LAN. Meanwhile, GoPro has released a new remote control that finally fully relies on Bluetooth. However, this again only works for the two latest models HERO8 Black and HERO9 Black. But what even the new remote control does not do for me is to provide a meaningful status about the cameras. For example, it simply displays "3 cameras connected". And if that is not the expected number, there is no information about which camera does not want to play. Some remedy is provided by apps such as "Multi Camera Control for GoPro Cameras". But even here I still miss some important functions for me. And I always have my own ideas about how this information is displayed. So instead of just complaining, I just took action myself. And the result is my ProMote app.

Tutorial Video


The two most important elements for me are the control of multiple cameras at once and a status display for each camera that gives me the relevant information at a glance. For both the control and the display, my application area plays a big role, of course. On the motorcycle, it's important to me that controls are large enough to be operated while wearing gloves. Likewise, the displays must be made in such a way that I can see relevant information out of the corner of my eye. And by that I don't mean that the font has to be huge, but that the type of display helps me to recognize when I have to look closer.
What is not my objective is to manage the camera settings. If necessary, that is once again an improvement, which I can add in the next winter break. For now, though, I'm assuming that the desired settings have already been selected in the cameras.